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Ever had a bad experience during a driving lesson? Ever left the vehicle after a lesson vowing never to get behind the wheel again? Have you lost confidence in your ability to obtain a license? At Mick’s Motoring Driving Instructor we can help you get your confidence back and  achieve your goal.Through lessons with Mick’s Motoring Driving Instructor you will gain the skills and confidFor Collage 2ence to become a safe and competent driver in a relaxed and patient environment. Whether you’re learning for the first time, transitioning from auto to manual or haven’t been in the drivers seat for awhile and need a refresher, we provide all you need to help you develop life long safe driving skills.   We cover most areas of the Sydney South West Region also taking in outer lying areas  such as Picton, Wilton and Appin among others. Mick’s Motoring Driving Instructor caters to all ages 16+ and offers a reliable, patient and professional approach to every lesson. Mick’s Motoring Driving Instructor is also an Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor. For information about the Keys2Drive programme go to the Keys2Drive website. Give Mick a call on 0420 441 954 Dual Controlled Automatic and Manual Vehicles

  • Fully Insured Vehicles
  • Working with Children Accredited
  • Structured Lesson Plans
  • Member of the ADTA
  • Pre-Test Preparation
  • Training for all ages 16+
  • Flexible lesson times
  • Pick up and drop off from school, home or workplace
  • Packages available
  • Covering South West Sydney

    The Guy to Watch

    You watch the guy who drives ahead

    And the guy who drives behind;

    You watch to the left, and watch to the right,

    And drive with a calm, clear mind.

    But the guy you really have to watch

    On the highway, you will find,

    Is the guy behind the guy ahead

    And ahead of the guy behind.

    (Author Unknown)

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